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See the Branded Landing Page
and Quick Response Process

It’s Easy to Respond!

  •   See a custom-branded landing page with one question or many

  •   Record a Response

  •   Review & Submit

  •  Receive a sample branded video

Be a Producer
Send Questions and Create Videos

It’s easy to use AnswerStage to create videos!

  •   Open the App  Click on the button below.

  •   Sign Up for a Free Account  Enter your Name and Email Address.

  •   Compose a Question  Click the Plus (+) and type in the text of a Question that you would like answered by a video.

  •   Answer or Share the Question  Record a video response yourself or share the question with others by sending them a link. When they record a response, it will be available to you in the App.

  •   Generate a Production Video  Once you have one or more Answer Videos, use the Studio in the app to combine them and create a Production Video.

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